Our house rental came with two bikes that we can use, so we finally took them out for a spin. There is a nice bike path right across the street from our house, so we headed out on that up to Whitefish Lake and the City Beach area.

Generally, that direction...

Generally, that direction…

Bonsai Brewing Company

From there we went a little further north of town to a brewery that was on our list to visit, “Bonsai” brewery.  There are some funny laws in Montana that I didn’t really understand, and this brewery had a limit of 3 pints per person per day.


Also, I believe since there was no food served it was dog friendly, which we didn’t know in advance.  They have a great outdoor seating area, too, so we resolved to come back there again sometime during the day and bring Brodie.  We are both trying to work on Eastern time (more or less), so it is nice to finish the day around 3 o’clock.


The beers were really good at Bonsai…The best in town anyway. I think the beers were better at Bonsai than at Tamarack Brewing at Lake Side. You can tell by the size of my smile.


McKenzie River Pizza

After Bonsai we biked down to McKenzie River Pizza located on the main strip in town.  Doug ordered an “O.M.G.” sized IPA – our server said they don’t get many of those orders.



It was a good deal! Like 3 beers at rock bottom prices!

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bike-ride12 bike-ride08 bike-ride10bike-ride21

Bread sticks of some kind...Delicious!

Bread sticks of some kind…Delicious!

We both thought the pizza was very good, but we ended up in some fairly serious “life” discussions (probably not a good idea after multiple beers) and through various misunderstandings Elizabeth got so frustrated that she left and missed the cast iron cookie dessert.

No argument is worth missing chocolate over…



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