Last year, for my birthday, a friend in town gave me an Amaryllis.

It was lovely – here is a picture from the 2016 bloom…


Never one to be wasteful, I decided to see if I could get it to re-bloom this year.  I read several sites about how to accomplish this, and I will distill the knowlege from those sites down to a few key points.

  • Cut the bloom stalks off once they die
  • Keep feeding the amaryllis all year – the leaves should be alive, and they feed the bulb
  • Move outside as soon as possible for the light

The crucial step to get an amaryllis to rebloom is to put it into dormancy.  Cut off any remaining leaves, stop watering, and move it into a dark cool place.

This is where things got confusing for me.  In my mind “dormancy” = “dead.”  I thought that I was trying to put the bulb into a coma of sorts, and then I would reawaken it a time of my choosing when I brought it into the light and watered it.

So I forgot about it – it was under the sink in my bathroom.  I ran across it when I was getting cleaning supplies, and it had sprouted two new leaves!  I was actually kind of ticked off – I say when you bloom you dumb flower!  I cut off the leaves.

I thought I was failing at dormancy – in fact, the bulb was ready to grow again.

I ran across it a couple of weeks later, and saw the bloom stalk starting to grow (yes, two weeks later.  I guess I don’t access those cleaning supplies as frequently as I should).

Here is a picture of the growth progression – I took pictures every Sunday.


December 4th – you can see where I cut off the new leaf growth!


December 11th


December 18th


December 25th


January 1st


January 8th

Even though I felt bad that I cut off those initial leaves, I now think it might have been a good thing!  The first year the leaves were so big that they took over the plant.  This year the flower was the main show.

I am going to keep it alive and try again next year.  If I can get it to truly go dormant I will put it in a new pot (maybe) and plant it in some fresh soil.

Thanks, Loy, for the very fun gift!

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