Week 8 Activities – Bozeman

Monday, June 22nd

  • Burke Park at Sunset

burke-park-2 burke-park-3

Tuesday, June 23rd

  • Hike the “M”

IMG_4387 college m

Wednesday, June 24th

  • Park Walk – Top of the map

Thursday, June 25th

  • Montana Ale Works
  • Music on Main
  • Starkys for dinner

Friday, June 26th

  • Day of Rest

Saturday, June 27th

  • Lava Lake Hike

lava-lake-hike-1 lava-lake-hike-2

Look at all that pollen!

Look at all that pollen!


I was thinking about soaking my feet the whole hike. The water was nice and cold! We were able to sit and eat lunch right on the water.

lava-lake-hike-4 lava-lake-hike-5

Sunday, June 28th

  • Breakfast – Main Street Over Easy
  • Cherry River Recreation Area
  • Drive to Belgrade

Week 7 Activities – Bozeman

Monday, June 15th


The Morning Glory Pool near Old Faithful

  • Stay in West Yellowstone, “Hibearnation Station”

Tuesday, June 16th

  • Yellowstone National Park

Wednesday, June 17th

  • Bozeman Hot Springs

Thursday, June 18th

  • Day of Rest

Friday, June 19th

  • Day of Rest
  • Rose Park Disc Golf/Prairie Dog Hunting – Brodie loves going after these little rodents. They seem to be the squirrels of the high plains. They squeak from underground so that’s very exciting for Brodie. The disc golf course seems to be the perfect habitat from prairie dogs.

Saturday, June 20th

  • Museum of the Rockies – This place was awesome! The best part is the dinosaur wing which covers a very large portion of the facility. There is a tremendous number of fossils in Montana – far more than I ever realized.


  • Bob’s Burgers – The burgers were great! And, the beer was very cheap – $2.50 for a pint of premium, microbrew beer.

Sunday, June 21st

  • East Gallatin Park with Brodie
  • Walk around the “mall”

Week 6 Activities – Bozeman

Monday – June 8th

  • Day of Rest

Tuesday – June 9th

  • Bozeman Hot Springs – The facility is about 10 minutes outside of town. They have a couple of large swimming pools, several hot tubs, and a couple cool tubs. There is also a full health club. All of the pools and tubs are filled with hot spring water. It doesn’t seem to be very mineral rich like many of the springs in Colorado and other places. They did have several different temperatures
    • The pool was about 96ºF.
    • The hot tubs were 106ºF, 102ºF, and 100ºF.
    • The cool tubs were about 64º – 66ºF.

Wednesday – June 10th

  • Day of Rest

Thursday – June 11th

  • Red Tractor Pizza – Dinner – We wanted an early dinner so we ended up at Red Tractor Pizza again. The pizza is very good and the service is very poor. The layout of the restaurant also sucks…check out some yelp reviews for confirmation. It is super close and convenient and the pizza is good so we will end up back there sometime soon.

Friday – June 12th

  • Art Walk – Once a month, the downtown shops and galleries host an art walk. It was fine and there was nothing out of the ordinary. The nice touch was that many of the shops had snacks or wine out for all the visitors.
  • Carla and Vince arrive

Saturday – June 13th

  • Palisades Fall Hike

palisade-falls-2palisade-falls-3 palisade-falls-1

  • Clarks Fork

Sunday – June 14th


  • McKenzie River Pizza – Great pizza! The server reminded me of me as a server. He was slow to get to the table. He was late with the drinks and generally behind on everything. That is pretty much how my days in food service went! Even some of the other employees took note of how slow this guy was. It was still a great meal and we got a bonus order of Lodgepole sticks (a.k.a. cheesy bread) because the food runner dropped a couple of sticks on the ground.



Week 5 Activities – Bozeman

We are starting off this week slow!  We all need a little recovery time!

Monday – June 1

  • Day of Rest

Tuesday – June 2montana-ales-works-feature1

  • Montana Ale Works, Courtesy of Christy and Sam – The food was ridiculously good. They had a bunch of mostly Montana beers, and it looked like they took really good care of them. I made a little mistake and got fresh, local, organic veggies instead of fries. Silly! See the pic below of the meager portion…


Wednesday – June 3

  • Day of Rest

Thursday – June 4th

  • Clark’s Fork breakfast


  • Gallatin Regional Park

Friday – June 5th

  • first-week-bozeman01Doug at Co-working space – I can bring Brodie to “work” now. Everyone loves dogs there and Brodie enjoys getting the extra petting. I like the office since I can really get a lot done faster. I can’t say enough about having a proper desk and chair!


  • “Fix” the wifi – The wifi at the condo was sucky – slow or a bad signal, or both. We had to ask a couple times but they sent in a technician. He spent the afternoon troubleshooting and slowed it by revamping the whole network.
  • Taco Del Mar (worst food ever)..how were we to know?  I would have been happy with something 1/2 as good as Chipotle!  To quote Doug, “it tastes like cat food.” Yeah, this food was terrible. I had a cold and couldn’t smell anything when I ordered…even though Elizabeth warned me that it “smelled bad in there.”


taco del mar

Whoever wrote that is a fool. It turns out that this region has a void of legit TexMex.


Saturday – June 6th

  • Drinking Horse Mountain Hike


  • Red Tractor Pizza

Sunday – June 7th

Week 4 – Activities Log

Monday – May 25th – Memorial Day

  • Cowgirl Coffee


Tuesday – May 26th


Wednesday – May 27th


Thursday – May 28th

Friday – May 29th

Saturday – May 30th




Sunday – May 31st

  • Drive to Bozeman!!!

Week 3 – Activities Log

Monday – May 18th

  • Day of rest – After a few weeks of going hard, we needed a couple days of normal activity.

Tuesday – May 19th

  • Day of rest – And, the second day of rest…we just did normal things like working, walking Brodie, and ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner at home.

Wednesday – May 20th


  • McKenzie River Pizza


Thursday – May 21st

  • Canoe to Whitefish Lake


Friday – May 22nd

Saturday – May 23rd

Sunday – May 24th

  • Amazing Crepes


  • Picnic with Brodie


Week 2 – Activities Log

Monday – May 11th

  • ~3.5 mile run – Doug/Elizabeth
  • Pool/Hot Tub/Dinner at Crestwood Condo’s
  • 1 AM get up by Doug to try and see Northern Lights

Tuesday – May 12th

  • Drive along 93 to Flathead Lake – stop for photos at the West State Park

flathead-lake1 flathead-lake2 flathead-lake3

tamarack-brewing-co-beer06 tamarack-brewing-co-beer04 tamarack-brewing-co-beer02

Wednesday – May 13th

  • Rain!
  • Dinner at Crestwood Condo’smay-13-dinner1 may-13-dinner2 may-13-dinner3 may-13-dinner4

Thursday – May 14th

rocky-point-hike-glacier14 rocky-point-hike-glacier13 rocky-point-hike-glacier02 rocky-point-hike-glacier01

Friday – May 15th

    • Whitefish Pottery 20 year reunion party


Saturday – May 16th

driving-may-16th31 driving-may-16th28 driving-may-16th24 driving-may-16th22 driving-may-16th20

Eagle Spotting

Eagle Spotting


  • Snacks/Drinks at Cabinet Mountain Brewery


Sunday – May 17th

  • Doug/Elizabeth run – 4.5 miles
  • Craggy Range & Casey’s – this is where we go to have beers and catch up on the blog.

Week 1 – Activities Log

Sunday – May 3rd

  • Arrive Whitefish.
  • Eat at Pizza on 2nd
  • Walk through townaround-whitefish - 4

Monday – May 4th

  • Hike – Whitefish Trail System – Lion
  • Eat – Snacks at Casey’s.
  • Drink – Sampler at Great Northern Brewery
  • Dessert – Ice Cream from “Sweet Peaks”around-whitefish - 7

Tuesday – May 5th

  • Visit – Glacier National Park
  • Walk with Brodie along the Bike Patharound-whitefish - 3 around-whitefish - 1

Wednesday – May 6th

  • Eat – Birthday breakfast at Buffalo’s
  • Eat – Dinner in – Great Northern Pasta Company – fresh pasta
  • Drink – Great Northern Bar and play ping pong

Thursday – May 7th

  • Day of rest!

Friday – May 8th

  • Day of rest!
  • Doug’s parents arrive

Saturday – May 9th

  • Glacier National Park – Hike John’s Lake Loop
  • Eat at Glacier Grill and Pizza

glacier-national-park-may-09-201566 glacier-national-park-may-09-201553 glacier-national-park-may-09-201552 glacier-national-park-may-09-201551 glacier-national-park-may-09-201530 glacier-national-park-may-09-201511 glacier-national-park-may-09-201505 glacier-national-park-may-09-201506 glacier-national-park-may-09-201513 glacier-national-park-may-09-201540

Sunday – May 10th