We tried to ask locals whenever we thought of it what they recommended to do in Whitefish, and the Danny On Trail was a consistent answer.

From americantrails.org:

The Danny On Trail extends 3.8 miles one way from the base area of Whitefish Mountain Ski and Summer Resort to its summit. Most of it winds through forests of Douglas fir, western larch, spruce, and fir while crossing grassy ski trails full of summer wildflowers. In late summer, plentiful ripe huckleberries make for an especially pleasing hike.

Along the trail and at the summit, hikers enjoy vistas of the verdant Flathead Valley below them and long-distance views of mountains of Glacier National Park; the Canadian Rockies; and the Bob Marshall, Great Bear, Scapegoat, and Cabinet wilderness areas. The view from the top is 360 degrees of alpine wonder.

danny-on-trail13Per usual, one of our issues was that we were too early in the season!  We like traveling in between or off seasons to miss the crowds, but sometimes you also miss things being open or ready!  The Danny On Trail fell into this category a little bit!danny-on-trail03

All of a sudden we came over a ridge and there was 2 to 3 feet of snow pack on the ground

We were warned that there would be snow on top of the mountain, but it was hard to believe for the first 2+ miles.  Then, all of a sudden we came over a ridge and there was 2 to 3 feet of snow pack on the ground.  We really wanted to make it to the summit since the views up there were said to be so amazing, but we turned back after 3 miles.  The snow was very slippery, and we weren’t really sure where the trail was anymore…we figured it would be better not to wander around aimlessly on the top of the ski mountain, especially since we hadn’t been up there before.


It turned out to be a really good idea to turn back since we actually lost the trail. We were heading up a steep snowfield so it would have slowed us WAY down. I am pretty sure we would have been caught in some rain too.

The views were amazing though, and we could see why this is such a popular hiking trail.

danny-on-trail01danny-on-trail02danny-on-trail05 danny-on-trail07 danny-on-trail09 danny-on-trail10






Bear? Mountain Lion? Wolf?


See – It is really big!

We saw some really large tracks in the snow on the way down. They could have been anything…as long as it was massively large. See below

I did a little research and I believe the tracks were from the canine family.

Dog tracks.

The Best Coffee – Cowgirl Coffee

On the way back we went to a coffee “shed.”  These seemed to be quite frequent around here, and Doug really wanted to try one out, so we hit up “Cowgirl Coffee.”



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