We invited the rental house owners, Matt and Meghan, over for dinner in the backyard.

Doug grilled out steak and vegetables, and we enjoyed the backyard well into the dusk.

matt-meghan-dinner1 matt-meghan-dinner2 matt-meghan-dinner3


Matt and Meghan have offered great advice about what to see and do while we are here in Whitefish, but we got some unexpected advice this evening related to yard sales.  There is a small paper that comes out every Thursday that Matt scours for good looking yard sales.  Apparently, there is an art to it, and you can tell a lot from just the sign on the side of the road.


Look at how intense they both look! This is serious stuff!

Sydney and Brodie

Also, they brought their dog Sydney, who is about 8 and right around the same speed as Brodie, so they get along really well.  Unfortunately, she was injured in a dog fight the night before, and got some fairly serious stitches on her back and ear.  She was in amazingly good spirits though, and is obviously one tough dog!  I tried to win her over with some dog treats…




Brodie howls every now and then when a fire truck has its siren on. It is a rare treat and we caught it on video. Sydney gets involved in the serenade, too.

( Matt & Meghan, how do you spell Sydney’s name?  “i” or “y”  — Let us know in the comments below. Updated — It is a “y”.)

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  1. Sydney Australia is her full name, spelled like the city – we had such a good time getting to know the both of you. Please come back soon!!

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