Farmers Market

Whitefish does a “farmers market” downtown that runs all summer, and we were able to go to the first one of the season.

There wasn’t a lot of produce available – mainly just leafy greens and bunch of small plants to buy and grow in your garden.  This was funny to us, because in Georgia if you wait until the end of May to start your garden you will be in trouble, but not up there!

The Food Trucks – “Street Meat”

Anytime I can get a gyro on the side of the road, I do it.

Every time! Pizza too.




Yum-a-dum-dum! That was a damn good gyro. If you get a chance to try one at the Whitefish Farmer’s Market, DO IT. I am getting really hungry just thinking about it!


I don’t think she was lying about the pineapple…she just misspoke. They were super nice. They could use a lesson about what fruit grows where though!

It seemed like the “market” was a good combination of things that the locals would like as well as your general “touristy” stuff in the arts section.  We talked to some folks selling homemade jelly, and I think I asked “where they got their ingredients.”  Of course, the answer was “we buy from local farms.”  Then, I loved that Doug pointed out, “Except for the pineapple jelly, right?  You don’t have a pineapple farm here.”   She laughed and took being called out in stride.

If you know Doug, you know that he can’t resist a food truck (“street meat“) or popcorn, so he got a little of both!


The popcorn was really good. They used corn oil to pop it which is a pro secret. I first learned about that from Sam & Christy (my bro-in-law & sister). The vendor even encouraged me to try the competing kettle corn booth.

So, I walked over and tried the other popcorn and it really wasn’t as good! I wish I would have asked the popcorn vendor what kind of kernels he used too. The popped corn was very uniformed and more like spheres rather than jagged little pieces of maize.



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