I did two short day hikes this year up near Big Sky with my Big Sky friend, who lives sort of “off the grid” and thinks that hundreds of people will read this post, flood to the hikes, and then they will be ruined, so I will refrain from giving the gps coordinates of the hikes!

As I write this, it is September 5th, and it snowed in the tops of the mountains last night, so I’m glad I made an effort to do a little hiking this summer before it got away from us.  I took two 1/2 days to be able to do these hikes.

One of the memorable features of the first hike was the drive to get there…it was very rough, and probably took a good 45 minutes of bumping along a gravel road.  The hike on the other hand was mostly flat and shaded, and ended at several lakes that were “hidden.”  We did not walk to see all of the lakes.



Second Lake


You can still see a little snow in the mountains in the middle of the summer!


First Lake – we could see a few golden trout swimming around.


Second lake – I liked this little tree and the reflection in the water.


We watched this beautiful dragonfly for awhile before it flew away.


Indian Paintbrush wildflowers.


I can’t remember this type of tree, but the bark was very colorful.


We killed a couple of deer fly that tried to bite us, and then ants came and carried them off for a snack.


This is my big sky friend – he went out on the log to get a closer look at the golden trout as they swam by.

The second hike was closer to Big Sky, and was only about 10 minutes bumping down a decent gravel road before hiking along a creek that ended at Dudley Lake.  We did not make it all the way to Dudley Lake because we spent too much time picking and eating berries.  I’ve never seen so many huckleberries all in one place, and it really made me nervous about the bears, but we didn’t encounter any wildlife.  I would like to back and do this kike again sometime and make it all the way to the lake.


All of these red leaves are huckleberry bushes! I looked behind us several times for bears.


This was the view out into the meadow right before we turned back.






We ate huckleberries by the handful


This hike was later in the season so there weren’t as many flowers, but I liked this “harebell.”

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