We went on a great hike to the highest peak in the Bridger Range – Sacagewea Peak. The Bridgers are the mountains we can see from our porch. We heard the hike was a little bit tough for people that aren’t used to the elevation.sacagawea-pass-sign

We are used to the elevation, but we had another issue…


Last week, we got a decent amount of rain and over about 7,500 feet it snowed. You can see the huge rainbow from one of the rainy days. There seems to be a rainbow almost every time it rains


We knew there would be a little bit of snow even though it was reasonably warm, about 61º. There was a lot more snow up there than we expected.


We wore boots so our feet would stay dry. It was still really hard to walk in the slush up the steep incline, and back down again. It was so slick and slippery. I was convinced that the rubber on my boots got slicker and more brittle when it got cold…More on that later.


There was also another major factor after we got to the saddle, the ridge between two peaks…


The wind made us a little cool after we got over the tree line and into the valley. Then, as we went higher the wind got stronger and stronger. The snow got thicker and thicker.

The snow also made it really hard to see the trail. We followed a girl that was ahead of us, but she didn’t quite know where the trail was either. We knew we had to keep going up so the path didn’t matter so much other than the ease of travel.

The last quarter mile seemed like it lasted forever with the wind blowing us so hard that we’d lose our balance.

The Summit

We finally made it to the top. It looked amazing!

The wind was even harder up there. It must have been at least 35 mph and it wouldn’t surprise me if it was more like 50 mph. We stayed up there for about 90 seconds.



Here are some long ice crystals that are wind-blown. These are up at the summit.

Elizabeth was moving fast – a lot faster than me. I really had a tough time moving in the slush and snow. I slipped once on the way down but caught myself with my hand and regained my balance before I fell down.






The views were amazing through the entire hike. I guess these pictures look okay…but it looks so much more impressive in person.

My Boots

Remember how my boots were not grippy? I just couldn’t walk faster in the snow and it was terribly annoying.

Well, on the way down the sole of my boot broke apart. So maybe the rubber was getting brittle in the snow. I need some new boots!



It was a great hike overall and I’m glad we actually went all the way to the summit. We debated when we were at the saddle about going up to the summit. It was crazy windy…but we were so close to the top. That last third of a mile was pretty miserable and it wasn’t much fun. But it was very cool to be at the top and it felt like we earned it.

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3 thoughts on “Hiking Sacagawea Peak (9,665 ft)

  1. I much rather live through your posts. Too old for that hike. But really enjoyed seeing it through your eyes, ears and narrative. Love you both!

  2. Absolutely beautiful. Not sure the Bridgers felt the same if memory serves me!!! Will use the link. Looking forward to seeing the three of you

  3. I would love to do what you and Elizabeth did, however I may not have all that it takes to do it ! Your narrative of your experience is awesome, it made me feel like I’ve been there too…. plus the pictures are great!!!

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