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On June 23rd,  Doug and I decided to hike the college “M”.  This was a fairly big deal because we’ve both been sick (I’m about 5 days behind Doug in terms of getting well), and the fact that we both felt up to it was a big deal!  Read more about the Montana M here if you are interested…

There are several different routes up the mountain – one goes almost straight up and is, of course, the shortest.  We did not choose that trail.  We chose the easiest, which is 1.5 miles one way, but still gains quite a bit of elevation in that short time period.

The views from the top were amazing, and the city looked surprisingly green.  I guess I’m used to the super green (and pollen-ey) Atlanta, because I think most of Montana looks dry…not from up here though.



Panorama of the view at the top

There were lots of people hiking with their dogs or running on the trail.  The trail runners always amaze me – especially as they run going down hill.  It is dry up here, and I find most of these hiking trails dry and slippery even when walking!  Maybe it is all what you are used to.  Also, there was a warning sign at the trail head that there were mountain lions in the area just a few days before.


Behind Doug is the “M” – it is huge and made up of white rocks.

Doug and I didn’t really discuss it at the time, but afterwards I asked him what he would do if we saw one (we didn’t have the bear spray with us).  Doug is always prepared, and he did have his knife, so he said if it attacked us he would stab it in the eye!  No issues though – one snake that scurried away and a few relatively tame chipmunks…that’s all!


Doug’s green shirt looked good with the scenery!

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  1. Just as the M was on a mtn; so I wanted to put Vince’s image on Springfields only mtn; which is really non existent; but since our grade school was named Snowhill, I thought his image in either his golf wear when he played for the Springfield North golf team, or his junior high and senior basketball uniform could be utilized. I was hoping someone would get my wry sense of humor after he and Carla visited Mt Rushmore. Alas, foiled again. Oh Well! But loved the view from M mountain.

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