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My dad and his best friend used to say that would do a “home and home,” meaning you come visit me and then I’ll come visit you.  While we don’t really have a home right now, we did about the closest thing we could do to a “home and home” with our hosts Matt and Meghan.

The dinner was amazing!!

Their place is only a few blocks from the rental, so we got a growler of beer and walked over for an amazing dinner of lamb, salad and asparagus, followed by huckleberry brownies and cardamom ice cream.

Matt has a great record collection, so we started listening to music and discussing the benefits of vinyl and why it makes music sound so great.

 But…nothing could have prepared us for how the night ended up…you think you know someone, and then the next thing you know you learn that he is an amateur (immature?) break-dancer!  We learned steps like the “top rock” and the “six step.”

Meghan couldn’t quite accept that Doug doesn’t dance/can’t dance, and decided to line us up and play dance teacher.

Comment from Doug: “It has always been a struggle…I think you can learn anything with practice.”

So Doug and I have homework to do…we need to come up with a dance routine, record it, and send it to Matt and Meghan…we are already working on our moves.

break-dancing-34break-dancing-25break-dancing-12 break-dancing-08


Here are all the pictures! All of them.

You can see the slick moves….

break-dancing-38 break-dancing-37 break-dancing-36 break-dancing-35 break-dancing-34 break-dancing-33 break-dancing-32 break-dancing-31 break-dancing-30 break-dancing-29 break-dancing-27 break-dancing-26 break-dancing-25 break-dancing-24 break-dancing-23 break-dancing-22 break-dancing-21 break-dancing-20 break-dancing-19 break-dancing-18 break-dancing-17 break-dancing-16 break-dancing-15 break-dancing-14 break-dancing-13 break-dancing-12 break-dancing-11 break-dancing-10 break-dancing-09 break-dancing-08 break-dancing-07 break-dancing-06 break-dancing-05 break-dancing-04 break-dancing-03 break-dancing-02 break-dancing-01

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