Saturday the 30th of May was our last full day in Whitefish.  We decided to drive down to Bozeman on Sunday instead of Monday because it would be easier with work, and our Bozeman host was gracious enough to let us come without charging us an extra night!

roller-derby-whitefish-lake1We had a big day for our last day in Whitefish!

Doug wanted to check out Whitefish Lake in the morning while it is still. So he walked Brodie over to the lake for the morning walk. It turned out to be a big adventure for Brodie.

Brodie isn’t a “water dog” at all – he doesn’t like swimming and is a little scared of water. On this day he walked down to the beach just because he wanted to and then he walked down the beach in the water.


Brodie was being brave. I thought he may have been doing it just so I would have to dry him!



Here is Brodie with most of the sticks that he gathered in Whitefish.

Here is Brodie with most of the sticks that he gathered in Whitefish.

In the afternoon, we decided to engage in some good old fashioned day drinking!  Logan’s bar was having a “tap takeover” with Homestead Ales.

roller-derby-whitefish-lake5This means that all their taps are Homestead Ales beer!  We didn’t get to visit this brewery – it is in Eureka, and the plan was to maybe stop by on the day that we drove our “loop,” but they weren’t open when we went by.  We enjoyed the beer, and the bar was super quiet.

The Grouse Lodge seemed like a pretty nice inn, too.  There was quite a bit of taxidermy on the wall, and they looked out over the golf course and had a hot tub.


The Grouse Lodge has a really nice bar area – HUGE fireplace, antler chandelier… really nice.

Roller Derby


In the evening, we went to the Roller Derby down in Kalispell.  I’m not really sure what we were expecting, but I think you can see by our faces that we were pretty excited…

IMG_4048 IMG_4046

I wanted to go just to do something different, and most if not all of my roller derby knowledge came from the movie “Whip It.”  It turned out that our hosts were going to because they had a friend who was skating for the first time.  It wasn’t nearly as entertaining as I thought it would be, but it was still fun.  This clip from the movie is pretty much the same thing we saw…


And, here is what it really looked like down at the Kalispell fairgrounds. If you ever want to check out a bout, then you should probably study up on the rules ahead of time.

Elizabeth found another twin. That sharp dressed man is Tony. (Thanks for posing for a picture!)


Plaid is super popular!


After roller derby we went to the VFW for some shuffleboard and drinks.  I don’t there I’d ever been to a VFW before, but my admission to the roller derby got me an arm band good for free PBRs from a  keg (and that, really, is priceless, isn’t it?).roller-derby-whitefish-lake9

And…we aren’t done yet – we drove back to Whitefish, parked at the house, and then walked up to the Great Northern Bar to have a nightcap and listen to some music, “Cold Hard Cash.”  They are pretty good, and were even on Letterman!  I think there was even a cover that night, but we got in for free because we were with our host and an Anderson Cooper look a like, the owner of Whitefish pottery.

All in all, it was a pretty great last day in Whitefish!

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5 thoughts on “Last Full Day in Whitefish

  1. Brusier and i loved Brodie’s pics and the photos. Beth you should give Roller Derby a shot. I could see u knocking a couple out!

    • Hey Dave, Do you think Brusier would go for a swim in the lake? Maybe if Brodie & Honey were around to keep the bald eagles at bay…

  2. It was nice to meet you both and find yet another friend in plaid! Glad you enjoyed our funky little mountain town, even though you had to put up with your host, Rottenberg. Sorry about that. I am sure he is medicated.

    Happy Travels!!

    • Hey Tony, Good to meet you, too!

      We loved Whitefish even with the questionable characters. I guess we fit in alright, which I don’t know what that says about us.

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