Loop Drive in Northwest Montana


We did a car video where we talked about our Saturday drive, but in case you would rather read here are a few bullet points of our drive:-

Route – 93N to 37W to 2S through Eureka and Libby (actually meant to go the reverse route, but went the wrong way on 93. That meant we missed visiting Homestead Ales in Eureka because they weren’t open yet.

Stops – Koocanusa bridge – Koocanusa lake is a huge lake created by Libby dam. 37 goes right along the border of it, so it was a beautiful drive. On the “non lake” side were rock cliffs, and we saw several groups of people rock climbing.




driving-may-16th30 driving-may-16th29 driving-may-16th26

Libby Dam – Alexander recreation area. So originally we were looking for a disc golf course. We saw a couple of baskets, but couldn’t figure out where the course started or where to stop, and we were both getting a little hungry and cranky at this point! Also, everything is further out here than it looks! It really isn’t quick to get anywhere.

driving-may-16th22 driving-may-16th20

So we stopped to stretch at Alexander recreation area, which turned out to be a great stop for eagle spotting. We saw 2 in the trees, and luckily had the binoculars on the car so we could get a pretty good look. They were fun to watch – constantly moving their heads around and checking things out. They didn’t stay still for long, and we really wanted one to grab something out of the water but we didn’t wait long enough.

driving-may-16th19 driving-may-16th16 driving-may-16th15 driving-may-16th14

Eagle Spotting

Eagle Spotting

Cabinet Mountain Brewery – Great beer – adequate snacks – weird clientele. There didn’t really look like much else in Libby to check out, either. Interesting to note – we found out later that it was an “all lady” owned brewery. The highlight for me was meeting a guy who drove up on a motorcycle with his dog (Twix) in the sidecar! Also, there were some gorgeous snow topped mountains in this area – I’m not sure we got any photos – I assume these were the “cabinet” mountains!

driving-may-16th08 driving-may-16th04 driving-may-16th06

Animals: Deer, Eagles, Osprey, Dog in Sidecar



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