We celebrated Mother’s Day in Whitefish with Doug’s mom, Flora, and his dad.

Celebratory breakfast was early at Buffalo’s Cafe (yes, we’d already been there before but liked it enough to go back).

There were no direct bear sightings – though there was evidence of “bactivity” – bear activity.

It was early because the boys were going on a long hike on the Whitefish Trail system (aiming for around 10 miles). I’ll let Doug write about that adventure. Spoiler alert – everyone got back okay, and there were no direct bear sightings – though there was evidence of “bactivity” – bear activity.

Flora and I took Brodie on a walk to “City Beach” at Whitefish Lake. Most of the walk was on the pedestrian/bike path, which was nice but in full sun. The lake was beautiful, and I’m excited to take the canoe out there for a different perspective, maybe around sunrise one day. If you look closely you can see snow capped mountains in the distance.




Once we got back Flora and I finished watching “Dances with Wolves.” I put it on the other day because it was filmed in South Dakota mostly (which we drove through) and Wyoming. It was pretty amazing scenery in that movie, and of course made me feel awful about manifest destiny and what happened to the Indian tribes. It is sad that the unspoilt land is isolated to just a few National Parks, but I suppose that is better than nothing.

About the Hiking on Whitefish Trail

Doug’s Account

So, we had some navigation issues and it as my fault. I planned it a little unusually by starting on private property, trespassing on railroad tracks, and not having a paper map.


We had to hide from a couple trains as we were walking along the tracks. That is where Doug Sr., my dad, was hiding behind a tree and saw a dead deer. It was pretty clearly a feeding area – probably a bear and maybe a mountain lion.

We can’t be sure what it was but it has the taste for deer – no doubt about that. And, maybe even humans though it is pure speculation and conjecture.  We didn’t stick around to find out!

I did have a map on my phone & the Google maps app working too. But the data didn’t work and the battery ran down very quickly. Here is the map that we were using.

We were hiking on logging road and it wasn’t marked at all. In fact, the first map we saw was about 5 miles in!

Here was the first map we saw!

Here was the first map we saw!

We called Elizabeth to let her know that we would be late and would need to be picked up from another trailhead. Eventually, we hiked about 10 miles through the woods and arrived at the pick up point at the Beaver Lake Trailhead.


Woods Lake: The first landmark that confirmed we knew our location.

hike-whitefish-trail-may-10-201509 hike-whitefish-trail-may-10-201516 hike-whitefish-trail-may-10-201503The moral is that you should start at a known trailhead. The best thing we did was to never leave the trail. Trying to cut through the woods would have been a bad idea!


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