It was the last full day that my parents would be in town so we wanted to go on another hike in the park. We also didn’t want to spend 2-3 hours driving in the car just to get to the trailhead, so the East side of the park (like Two Medicine, Many Glacier, or St. Mary’s) was off the table.

We wanted to keep the total distance around 2 miles. We didn’t want to see bears either. We are very particular!

We had two places in mind:

  1. Trail of the Cedars – The Trail of the Cedars, one of two wheelchair accessible trails in Glacier, is a loop hike that begins and ends on the Going-To-The-Sun Road, located 5.5 miles east of the Lake McDonald Lodge. It sounded a little boring since we hiked in that area already.
  2. Rocky Point – Based on the title above, you can guess that THIS is the hike we did! It provided a different view of Lake McDonald and gave us a good view of the massive 2003 wildfire. It was an amazing hike for the short 1.9 mile distance. 1.9 miles roundtrip with 350 feet elevation gain.  Bathrooms at Fish Creek Campground. We were already in the area, doing recon work for my friend, Kent.

Flora standing over Lake McDonald near the campground and parking lot


Here is the bridge over the stream…it has to be the Fish Creek…since it was by the Fish Creek Campground.


Elizabeth and Flora hanging out around the B80 campsite…where our friends will be staying later this summer.


The beach at Lake McDonald, just off the trail. It was very calm since Rocky Point shielded the water here from the wind.


The mountains behind the lake are WAY MORE dramatic than the picture indicates. The people around here might be used to seeing the mountains and a lake with clear water, maybe now. Back in Atlanta the rivers look like a storm drain (and may literally be one) and the lakes look like a mud puddle.


Look! Holy Shit. No Smog!


Wild Flowers


Lake McDonald from the Rocky Point Nature Trail


Elizabeth, our tour guide…she kept us moving when we were taking pictures.


Doug & Flora


Doug & Flora on the trail. It was full sun on some stretches with almost no wind. We could hear the wind howling over by Rocky Point though. There were waves on the Lake too…it was chilly in the wind.


Once we got to Rocky Point, we could see the peaks over the lake. Again, the pictures are a poor representation of what the scene looks like.

rocky-point-hike-glacier11 rocky-point-hike-glacier10 rocky-point-hike-glacier08 rocky-point-hike-glacier07 rocky-point-hike-glacier06 rocky-point-hike-glacier05 rocky-point-hike-glacier04

rocky-point-hike-glacier03 rocky-point-hike-glacier02 rocky-point-hike-glacier01

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    • I finally had a chance to look at your website. I love seeing your adventures. Some amazing pictures!

  1. I have to believe that this is where God created the heaven and earth. ……. and I always thought is was Springfield, Ohio…….oh well, now I know!!!

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