A couple weeks ago we decided we needed to hike more, while the weather is still nice. So we headed out to a peak that’s not too far from Bozeman called Storm Castle. Here is the critical info:


It a good distance at about 5 miles and has some elevation gain, but not too much. The great part is that it’s only about 30 minutes from the house. ¬†Also, part of this area was the backdrop to the movie A River Runs Through It.


Here is Elizabeth at the peak.


That’s the peak right behind me. The rocks look a little crooked there…Apparently, I’m saying something interesting.


I decided to fight my fear of heights and go up to the very top.


The uniform for hiking: White button-up hiking shirt UPF 50 and a hat.


Clematis seed! Very cool – I thought it looked like something from the muppets.


Taking in the view.


There was a little tree up at the top that was filled with these cool looking pine cones.


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