We woke up really early to see the sunrise. It was colder than you’d expect in the middle of the summer, but the elevation in the lake area is about 7,800 feet. It gets pretty cool at night even in July.

It was worth it to get up a little bit early. The sunrise is slow and gradual compared to places that are further south. This sunrise was way more interesting than the sunset.

yellowstone-lake-trip-111yellowstone-lake-trip-110 yellowstone-lake-trip-115 yellowstone-lake-trip-114 yellowstone-lake-trip-113 yellowstone-lake-trip-112We had another reason to get up early too…

Private Boat Tour


Not that boat though. That’s just a little one.

We booked a boat that can hold 6 people, plus the captain and fishing gear. We didn’t have any interest in fishing, which surprised most all of the people that we talked to. We got used to telling people that we just wanted to sightsee and get a good look at the lake from a boat.

yellowstone-lake-trip-118 boat-dock-yellowstone-lake


It was pretty awesome – a great way to see the lake in a way that most people never will. The hotel was actually designed to be observed from the water. That’s a little silly since most people drive in…

Anyway, our captain was a 19 year old college student that lucked into one of the most interesting, sought-after jobs in the park: Fishing Boat Guide. She didn’t even have much of an interest in fishing or boating…they just needed to have the position filled and her application was on top.

She had about a month of training before the season started and she does it everyday.

yellowstone-lake-trip-120yellowstone-lake-trip-122 yellowstone-lake-trip-121 doug-drivingyellowstone-lake-trip-129
yellowstone-lake-trip-123 yellowstone-lake-trip-124 yellowstone-lake-trip-125 yellowstone-lake-trip-126 yellowstone-lake-trip-127 yellowstone-lake-trip-128

Brodie and a Chipmunk

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2 thoughts on “Sunrise, Boat Tour, Chipmunk – Day 3 Yellowstone Lake Trip (July 2015)

  1. Such a different Yellowstone than we saw in December!! Hope to be back this summer/fall to share this with you guys. 🙂

    • It is crazy how hot and cold Yellowstone gets. I remember being so hot at Mammoth with the sun shining on the white stone.

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