trail map logoThere is a nice trail system very close to Whitefish called the “Whitefish Trail.”  This was a nice alternative for us to do something quick with Brodie.  He is getting to be an old boy, and with any sort of heat at all in the summer it can be hard to find good walks for him.

We tried to do the 3 mile Lion Mountain Loop twice, but cut it short both times…this is the trail that is closest to downtown.

swift creekResidents (Bruce and Joanie) that we met at Bonsai brewing suggested that we try the Swift Creek Loop…they said it was easy for their (RIP) elderly dog, so we decided to go up there.  It was a great loop – short, and very flat.

Of course, we always took our bear spray and were very “bear” aware, but I think it is extremely rare for a bear to be this close to town.  We saw several people walking or running by themselves, some of them even wearing ear phones!  I did get much more comfortable being out in the woods, but not that comfortable!


Be Bear Aware! We take our bear spray everywhere!


Brodie enjoyed the hike very much. He is taking a rest here while he enjoys the views of Swift Creek.


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One thought on “Swift Creek Loop/Lion Mountain

  1. Loved reading about your time in Whitefish and really enjoyed the great photography. More bear activity in Alpharetta recently, than you have seen. Keep on enjoying!

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