We are starting off this week slow!  We all need a little recovery time!

Monday – June 1

  • Day of Rest

Tuesday – June 2montana-ales-works-feature1

  • Montana Ale Works, Courtesy of Christy and Sam – The food was ridiculously good. They had a bunch of mostly Montana beers, and it looked like they took really good care of them. I made a little mistake and got fresh, local, organic veggies instead of fries. Silly! See the pic below of the meager portion…


Wednesday – June 3

  • Day of Rest

Thursday – June 4th

  • Clark’s Fork breakfast


  • Gallatin Regional Park

Friday – June 5th

  • first-week-bozeman01Doug at Co-working space – I can bring Brodie to “work” now. Everyone loves dogs there and Brodie enjoys getting the extra petting. I like the office since I can really get a lot done faster. I can’t say enough about having a proper desk and chair!


  • “Fix” the wifi – The wifi at the condo was sucky – slow or a bad signal, or both. We had to ask a couple times but they sent in a technician. He spent the afternoon troubleshooting and slowed it by revamping the whole network.
  • Taco Del Mar (worst food ever)..how were we to know?  I would have been happy with something 1/2 as good as Chipotle!  To quote Doug, “it tastes like cat food.” Yeah, this food was terrible. I had a cold and couldn’t smell anything when I ordered…even though Elizabeth warned me that it “smelled bad in there.”


taco del mar

Whoever wrote that is a fool. It turns out that this region has a void of legit TexMex.


Saturday – June 6th

  • Drinking Horse Mountain Hike


  • Red Tractor Pizza

Sunday – June 7th

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