Monday – June 8th

  • Day of Rest

Tuesday – June 9th

  • Bozeman Hot Springs – The facility is about 10 minutes outside of town. They have a couple of large swimming pools, several hot tubs, and a couple cool tubs. There is also a full health club. All of the pools and tubs are filled with hot spring water. It doesn’t seem to be very mineral rich like many of the springs in Colorado and other places. They did have several different temperatures
    • The pool was about 96ºF.
    • The hot tubs were 106ºF, 102ºF, and 100ºF.
    • The cool tubs were about 64º – 66ºF.

Wednesday – June 10th

  • Day of Rest

Thursday – June 11th

  • Red Tractor Pizza – Dinner – We wanted an early dinner so we ended up at Red Tractor Pizza again. The pizza is very good and the service is very poor. The layout of the restaurant also sucks…check out some yelp reviews for confirmation. It is super close and convenient and the pizza is good so we will end up back there sometime soon.

Friday – June 12th

  • Art Walk – Once a month, the downtown shops and galleries host an art walk. It was fine and there was nothing out of the ordinary. The nice touch was that many of the shops had snacks or wine out for all the visitors.
  • Carla and Vince arrive

Saturday – June 13th

  • Palisades Fall Hike

palisade-falls-2palisade-falls-3 palisade-falls-1

  • Clarks Fork

Sunday – June 14th


  • McKenzie River Pizza – Great pizza! The server reminded me of me as a server. He was slow to get to the table. He was late with the drinks and generally behind on everything. That is pretty much how my days in food service went! Even some of the other employees took note of how slow this guy was. It was still a great meal and we got a bonus order of Lodgepole sticks (a.k.a. cheesy bread) because the food runner dropped a couple of sticks on the ground.



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