Day 3 of the trip marked a change of venue. We left the Lake area and headed west to the West Thumb Basin. It is another thermal zone on the west edge of the lake. It’s pretty amazing to think about all the thermal features that are underwater.


Here is one of the geysers (or hot springs) that is on the edge of the water. It looks really strange.


yellowstone-lake-trip-134 yellowstone-lake-trip-135 yellowstone-lake-trip-136

geyser-in-yellowstone-lake west-thumb-springs

We only spent about an hour in the West Thumb area. The thermal features were cool, yeah, but once you see a couple dozen springs and geysers, it gets a little boring.

Boring might be the wrong word, but it is less exciting than …

The Grand Tetons


It really looked like that except more amazing. These mountains are jagged and seem to come out of nowhere.yellowstone-lake-trip-138We stayed at the Jackson Lake Lodge and it is a great facility. The main lodge has a great room/lobby with massive windows as you can see below. There were a couple restaurants, a bar, and a cafe. You could even sit outside and drink a beer. It turns out that the sun was VERY intense, bright, and hot so sitting outside was unpleasant unless you are in the shade. Sitting inside was fine though.
yellowstone-lake-trip-139 yellowstone-lake-trip-140 yellowstone-lake-trip-143

We were able to get out there pretty early in the morning since we were on site. Most people must’ve slept in because we were the only people out there for a bit. That was surprising since the courtyard and lobby are filled up, crowded with tourists.


Brodie looks tame there, but looks are misleading.

On our walk out that morning he caught a crow.

Not the actual crow…But it looked like this. credit: creative commons

Yes, seriously.

The 3 of us were walking down the street, from our room to the main lodge, and there are just a few other people walking around too. Not very many.

We see about 4 or 5 crows on the ground next to the road. There are some shrubs and tall grasses and weeds and the crows are walking around doing crow things. They are cawing a bit and most of them are moving away from us as we get closer to them. Brodie locks on to them, but looks away after an instant.

At least his head is facing forward, not towards the crows. However, his eyes are looking in their direction, fixed on the 1 crow that isn’t moving away from us.

We thought we’d get attacked!! credit: creative commons

Brodie pounced onto the crow. The crow was pinned between Brodie’s front legs and mouth. The other crows were squawking and cawing like crazy. We were worried because we recently watched the Hitchcock classic, The Birds.

We commanded Brodie to release the crow and he did. The murder flew away quickly – the crow was unharmed.

We quickly put the leash on Brodie and left the area, fast.

Back Home to Bozeman

We drove out the south side of the park so we could see some other areas around both Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. The views were really amazing and peaceful.

yellowstone-lake-trip-147 yellowstone-lake-trip-148 yellowstone-lake-trip-149yellowstone-lake-trip-151 yellowstone-lake-trip-152 yellowstone-lake-trip-154 yellowstone-lake-trip-155 yellowstone-lake-trip-157 yellowstone-lake-trip-156 yellowstone-lake-trip-158 the-grand-tetons-pano grand-tetons-on-water grand-tetons-and-river

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