For Doug’s birthday this year we were going to take a trip down to Denver, but unfortunately that trip got canceled at the last minute…so, we were left with a free weekend and weren’t sure what to do!


Cheesecake ice cream and beer! Happy Birthday!

We ended up taking a weekend trip to White Sulphur Springs.

Here is a link to the website for the “Spa Hot Spring” motel, which is where we stayed.


It’s an old school motel with external doors. It was clean though and the people were very nice.


I think the springs are very busy in the winter during ski season, and in the summer when all the tourists are in town visiting Yellowstone.  Luckily, we were there at a bridge time, and the town and springs were super quiet.


It was a very nice quiet weekend – we walked around and ate at a few restaurants, soaked in the springs at least twice a day, walked Brodie, and read books.


Yes – Brodie can find a stick anywhere!

A word of caution, the sulphur in the springs turned Doug’s silver ring green!  We have been to several other hot springs and had never experienced this before!  We had to do some work when we got back into town to get his ring back to the right color.


This is where we ate dinner our first night…all fried food for us!


Eat! Enough said!


Brodie waiting for his treat at the coffee truck










Here’s what the springs looked like…


102º is nice and warm. 105º is seriously hot and they said it creeps up to 106º occasionally. They adjust the temperature by altering the flow of different water supplies which have different temps. The lady we talked to said it takes a few months for new employees to learn how to dial in the temperatures for each pool.

white-sulphur-springs-12 white-sulphur-springs-14

Doug ate more than beer and ice cream. It wasn’t “heart healthy” or anything…But it was filling and greasy which is all you can really ask for. Courtesy of Dory’s Diner.


That’s an open faced chili cheese burger. Yep, that’s “diced” American cheese – a rare delicacy.


Great job on the hashbrowns! Golden Brown and delicious. They didn’t match Waffle House…not by a long shot.


My parents taught me to clean my plate (and anyone else’s plate sitting near me).

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