IMG_4025In an effort to be “well rounded,” we went to a performance of “Exit Laughing” at the Whitefish Theater.  I was pretty nervous about dragging Doug out there…he didn’t go to as much theater as I did growing up, and he has a pretty low tolerance for bad performances.

We went to the “preview” show, so the tickets were 1/2 off; I thought that might help take the sting out a bit if the performance was not good, or if he hated it.


Note the skeptical face!

Here is why I thought he might hate it – I read that the show was a cross between Golden Girls and Steel Magnolias.  The premise of the show is one of the (older) ladies in a bridge 4-some dies, and the remaining three are dealing with it.

The theater was pretty cute – they call it “cabaret” seating – so there were little tables.  You could also purchase drinks and little snacks to bring in, too.   I will admit, I sneaked in a little something something in my purse to mix with our coke and take the edge off.  I really like the table seating – even though it was us I thought it made it a little more fun than sitting in traditional rows.

The play was actually quite entertaining.  There were some slow parts, of course, but there also were quite a few hilarious laugh out loud moments, and some very good one liners.  I’m glad that we went to see it!


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