Yellowstone Park – Norris

On Sunday Doug and I decided to do a day trip down to the park. Actually, May 1st is approximately the one year anniversary of the selling of the Dunwoody condo and the move to Montana.

This was also the first trip in all this time that we didn’t bring Brodie with us. The past week had been very rainy, which is atypical for us, and we hadn’t seen much sun. Sunday, however was beautiful. Still on the chilly side, but nice and sunny.

Norris was an area that we didn’t get much of a chance to explore on our previous visits. The one time we did really try was last June. I was very sick, and it was very hot out. We had Brodie with us as well, so couldn’t leave him in the car.

Below are the pictures from Norris. There weren’t a lot of active geysers, but it was a beautiful area with lots of fumaroles and hot springs. There was also some surprising colors in the hot springs and water run off. I am definitely glad we took the time to explore it at our leisure, and it was a great time to do it before the summer crowds.

Emerald Spring.

Steamboat Geyser

The boardwalk at Back Basin. Nice green trees!

Echinus Geyser

This green grassy stuff came out of nowhere!

Puff n Stuff Geyser

Green Dragon Spring

Chin out, Doug! Good job!

I liked this little bird in the center.


There is always time to stretch


Still stretching…



I’m not entirely sure! Ha!

Pearl Geyser

Vixen Geyser – it looked very fuzzy.

Interesting blackish run off.


Minute Geyser


Colorful run off


Colorful run off in the other direction


At the top of Porcelain Basin


The colors were amazing! Notice the snow capped mountains in the background.


Doug – trying to get a great picture! Porcelain Basin seemed like it had a lot of pressure built up! It was angry!


Super selfie!



I loved the green and orange in this water! Porcelain Basin was so colorful.


And the lone, strong, tree in the middle…


The dark color in this water looked almost like seaweed. The video below shows the bubbles moving.


Crackling lake. Sounded like Rice Krispies! Also very colorful.


See the pile of snow in the center?!? What is that doing there? Right next to Ledge Geyser.


Roaring Mountain. Covered in fumaroles. It looked much more dramatic when it was cooler when we drove in.


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  1. What can I say that I haven’t said; love it all. Thanks for sharing! Love you both, Dave.

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